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E-mail service
The e-mail address provided by SpinNet is in the following format. The standard POP3 and SMTP protocols are used for sending and receiving e-mails. Customers who wish to use SpinNet Mail need to set up their email software. Please refer to the "Software Configuration Guide".
The mail box size is 30MB.

The form of E-mail address
******** [Mail Login Name@Sub-domain.Domain Name]

The letters"###" will be specified by SpinNet
The letters "********" is the log-in address (POPID)
  On signing up for SpinNet user chooses E-mail address.
  An address already registered cannot be used.
  Addresses can be up to fourteen letters in English letters or Roman numerals plus under bar (_) and hyphen (-)

SpinNet offers a variety of E-mail options

Web Mail
Added functions for enhanced convenience and ease of use.
We offer three new types of web mail freely customizablefor different purposes free of charge.
The Ajax version functions just like your usual mail software.
>MYHOME.mail lite
The HTML version focused on simple operation.
>MYHOME.mail mobile
The mobile phone version allows you to send and receive mails.

For further information !

Additional E-mail addresses
Up to five E-mail addresses are free of charge. The mailbox size for each E-mail address is 30MB as with log-in address (POP ID).
For further information !

Mail Virus Check Service
SpinNet automatically checks for E-mail viruses with of charge
For further information !

Mail Filtering Service
You can reject, receive or forward emails according to various conditions you specified freely free of charge.
For further information !

Spam E-mail Filtering Service
"SpinNet Spamblocker" is a high-function spam filtering service equipped with learning abilities free of charge.
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Forwarding Service
Customer's mail can be forwarded to other E-mail addresses or mobile phones free of charge
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Other service
On-Site Support
Let our professional staff visit your home or office for internet connection support, personalized computer lessons, and more!

> On-Site Support

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Other service(This product is no longer available)
User HomePage Service
This service has been terminated on March 31, 2024.
Customers can build their personal home page with up-to 50MB disk-capacity. This service is free of charge.

Home directory************ [ path/user path name ]

The letters"###" will be specified by SpinNet
The letters "********" can be specified by a customer
  Customers may choose user path name provided it has not been already registered.
  Only English letters and Roman numerals, under bar (_) and hyphen ( - ) maybe be used to a maximum of 12 letters characters

  COUNTER CGI and FORM CGI are standard.
  Individual CGI is not possible.

> User HomePage Service

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Contract Agreement
SoftBank will provide SpinNet Service in accordance with SpinNet Service Agreement.

Usage fee
See Usage fee page.

Payment method

New registration for SpinNet service ended on February 28, 2023.(Click here for details.)

"We can accept payment by credit cards only. The following cards are accepted.
VISA/MASTERCARD/JCB/AMEX/DINERS/NICOS are accepted (Affiliated credit cards are also accepted.)
  * Companies may subscribe through personal credit cards.
  * Name of subscriber and credit card holder must be the same.
Changes of subscriber’s name cannot be made after registration.
  * No invoice or receipt will be issued.

Customer Support Center
Contact our Customer Support Center for all enquiries about SpinNet services.(English customer support is available)
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