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"SpinNet Spamblocker" is a high-function spam filtering service equipped with learning abilities. Using the service, spam e-mail is automatically detected at the mail-server level, and sorted into the server's Spam Mail Box. The spam e-mail ID setting shared by all users is collectively controlled by SpinNet. What's more, this shared ID setting is constantly updated to the latest version by the "SpinNet Spamblocker" learning function.
The sorted spam e-mail is stored in the Spam mail folder, with confirmation of the messages possible on the Myhome.mail or Myhome.mail lite,Myhome.mail mobile.
Customization by each customer is also possible, such as adding e-mail addresses to the customer's independent setting White List/Black List, adding characters to the spam e-mail subject name after identification for resending, and so forth.

Service Features
1. Shared spam e-mail ID settings for all users
2. Constant learning of spam mail patterns
3. Users able to add original settings
4. Spam Mail Box used to isolate spam e-mail
5. Ability to use all e-mail addresses (maximum of 6) supplied by SpinNet

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What is Spam E-mail?
"Spam e-mail" refers to unsolicited e-mail messages transmitted in large volumes for commercial purposes. Other e-mail sent in large volumes also includes "e-mail magazines," "authorized direct e-mail" and other varieties. As mentioned, however, spam differs from these types due to the fact that it sent without warning and on a totally unsolicited basis.
Though users may attempt to halt the transmission of such unwanted junk e-mail, spam e-mail senders use numerous clever means to thwart those efforts, and continue to direct their spam messages to you.
Almost all spam e-mail, meanwhile, consists of simple advertisements. However, some of these transmissions also contain solicitations for pyramid scheme marketing ploys, ads for adult websites, attempts to sell illegal products and other unsavory and often illicit messages.
Even more malicious are bogus invoices and other hoaxes that seek to learn your bankcard PIN number or other valuable information, and similar types of attempted fraud.

Does spam e-mail contain viruses?
Spam e-mail messages themselves are only simple e-mails. They will not self-proliferate, destroy personal computers or cause other damage. For this very reason, therefore, it is impossible to remove them from computer systems by using anti-virus software.
Nevertheless, receiving large volumes of spam e-mail will require time for the messages to arrive. Another problem is that important e-mail messages may be confused with spam, become impossible to identify as legitimate and result in other annoyances.
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What are the Identifying Standards for Spam E-mail?
The Spamblocker identifies spam e-mail on the basis of specific language contained in the messages, information on the sender and other data.
For example, when e-mail messages contain words such as "unsolicited advertising," "super discounts," "application" and so forth, the sender's e-mail server is a server used frequently by spam forwarders and other suspicious conditions overlap, the message will be categorized as a spam e-mail.
SpinNet Spamblocker continues to compile such judgment criteria, constantly maintaining fully updated status.
For further information about our Spamblocker, please access the FAQ corner

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Application and Settings
The Spamblocker is free of charge service.
All applications for this service are accepted online. To apply, the following two procedures must be completed.
1) Applying for Spamblocker use
From the Customer Information Change Screen, select "Spamblocker use registration/cancellation".
    * The access log-in name (example: 12345678@tka.jpn) and the access log-in password, plus the e-mail address to registered for use and its password are required.
    * Service will commence upon completion of the use application and the standard setting.
2) Use Settings for Each E-mail address
From the Customer Information Change Screen, select "Spamblocker setting.
    * Each mail address to be used and its password are required.
    * White List/Black List and other original customer settings must be completed here.

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