Updated your information?
Please update your registered information if you have moved or married recently, in order to provide you with our important service information correctly.
Basic Procedure
Change of Connect Login Password
Check status of optional services
You can check the status of your usage of our optional services.
- Your mail addresses
- User Home Page Service.
Register/Cancel/Change usage of NTT's "FLET'S" services with SpinNet
Registration is necessary to use NTT's "FLET'S ISDN" or "FLET'S HIKARI NEXT" with SpinNet.
Subscribe to /Cancel User Home Page Service
This is not for SpinNet cancellation/registration. It is only for User Home Page Service.
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Register/Delete Additional Address
Confirmation of Mail Settings
You can confirm mail service settings.
Change of Mail Password
Mail Forwarding Settings / Cancel
Mail Virus Check Service Unsubscribe / Re-register / Status check
SpinNet Spamblocker Spamblocker registration/configuration/cancellation
SpinNet Mail Filtering Service SpinNet Mail Filtering Service registration/configuration/cancellation
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Personal Information
Change form for Fax/Postal mail is also available.
Confirm your Address and Phone Number Information
You can see your registered address and phone number information.
Change your Address and Phone Number Information
Change your Credit Card Information
If you wish to use a new credit card, please fill out this form.
Mail Magazine Setting
You can stop or resume receiving SpinNet Mail News.
Cancellation of SpinNet
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ANA Mileage Club Course
You can register, change, delete and refer your ANA Mileage Club Course information.
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