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Internet Connection Service
SpinNet is compatible with dial-up connections, Broadband using ADSL and high-speed NTT FLET'S HIKARI NEXT Services which uses fiber optics.

Dial-up Connection
Domestic dial-up connection using analog and ISDN line will be charged at a monthly basic fee.
*Telephone calls to access points will be charged separately.
> One Number Access Service
> List of Mobile Access Point
> About FLET'S ISDN Service

NTT FLET'S Service
A contract with SpinNet is needed as well as a separate agreement with NTT-EAST/WEST. Registration on for the usage of "NTT FLET'S service" is essential.
Please see User's Information change page.
> About FLET'S ADSL Service

Wireless LAN Connection
Can be used in wireless connection points at airports, train stations and hotels. BB Mobile POINT (SoftBank) is free of charge.
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Internet Connection Service(closed new registrations)
This service closed new registrations now.

SpinNet eADSL Service
"SpinNet Basic fee and ADSL connection fee are included in one fixed price.
  *  Only rental ADSL modem is available.
  *  Please note that our original NetNews service is not compatible with SpinNet eADSL Service."
> About SpinNet eADSL service

  Wireless LAN option  
Wireless LAN option for home use is available with the SpinNet eADSL Service
For further information !

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Contract Agreement
SoftBank Corp. will provide SpinNet Service in accordance with SpinNet Service Agreement.

Usage fee
See Usage fee page.

Payment method
"We can accept payment by credit cards only. The following cards are accepted.
VISA/MASTERCARD/JCB/AMEX/DINERS/NICOS are accepted (Affiliated credit cards are also accepted.)
  * Companies may subscribe through personal credit cards.
  * Name of subscriber and credit card holder must be the same.
Changes of subscriber’s name cannot be made after registration.
  * No invoice or receipt will be issued.

Signup pages are written in Japanese only. If you wish English support, please send a signup form by mail or fax.

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Customer Support Center
Contact our Customer Support Center for all enquiries about SpinNet services.(English customer support is available)
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