Mail Filtering Service
Enjoy an even more convenient and user-friendly email environment with filtering functions that you can customize with ease.
Condition-based filtering(Rejecting/Receiving)

You can create settings that will automatically block certain emails while ensuring that other emails are automatically accepted. You can register up to 300 sets of conditions in your whitelist and mail-blocking settings.

1 You can freely combine whitelist and mail-blocking settings as shown below.
- Sender mail address
- Subject
- email size

2 For mail blocking, you can choose either "Delete" or "Send to spam folder."


*Your whitelist and mail blocking settings will remain inactive unless you set your settings to "Active."

*Note that if you specify "Delete" in your mail blocking settings, all blocked mail will be erased from the mail server. Use caution with this setting, as deleted mail cannot be retrieved.

*If you select "Send to spam folder" as your mail blocking setting, you can view your Spam folder with MYHOME.mail,MYHOME.mail lite,MYHOME.mail mobile ; however, your mail software cannot download emails from the spam folder

Condition-based filtering(Fowarding)

This function forwards mails that arrive in the SpinNet mailbox to other mail addresses according to your customized settings.
You can use this feature for a variety of purposes such as forwarding mails to your mobile phone or to your company's email account.

1 You can easily customize this feature by combining the following settings.
- Sender mail address
- Subject
- Incoming time
- Incoming a day of the week

2 Available forwarding methods.
- Whole sentence transfer(With a file / no file)
- Cut transfer (Dividing mails in specified sizes)


*If an email satisfies multiple conditions, it will be forward to all applicable forwarding addresses.

*Please remember to change your mail forwarding settings if there is a change to the forwarding address.

*If you frequently change your forwarding address, we recommend you select "Save forwarded mail on the server."