Additional E-Mail Addresses
Being a subscriber of SpinNet, you can use a maximum of five more E-Mail addresses (hereafter referred to as "Additional E-Mail addresses".) (Free of charge)
The mailbox size for each E-Mail address is 30MB, a total of 150MB in amount, and the E-Mail messages in each mailbox will be held with no time limit (until the cancellation of your account.)

Five additional E-mail addresses are available for one account. However, once they have all been assigned, no more E-Mail addresses will be available.
Please be aware that even though you cancel any one of them, you can neither reactivate it nor obtain new E-Mail address for the replacement.
When your mailbox is full or close to it, new E-mail can not be delivered, and it will be returned to the sender with the error message.

For example:
Primary E-mail address:

Additional Address1-test1@***.***
Additional Address2-test2@***.***
Additional Address3-
Additional Address4-
Additional Address5-

Note: "***" indicates dedicated Sub domain for additional E-mail address.

If you cancel Additional Address1, then only Additional Address number2 - 5 are still available and you can NOT add a new additional E-mail address to replace the one which you cancelled.
Once you get a new additional address, it cannot be changed.
If you cancel your primary E-Mail address(the original E-Mail address assigned to you when you became an SpinNet subscriber), then all additional E-mail addresses are cancelled as well.
You cannot cancel only the primary E-Mail address.
You can register and cancel Additional E-mail addresses on "Users' Information change" web page.
If you wish, you can change the password for your additional E-Mail addresses on the following web page.
Cancellation of additional E-Mail addresses takes effect immediately after you submit the online cancellation form.
Our announcement will only be sent to your primary E-Mail address.
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