E-Mail Forwarding Service
Being a subscriber of SpinNet, you can use the E-Mail Forwarding Service free of charge.

E-Mail Forwarding Service enables E-Mail messages which are sent to your E-Mail Address (withour service) to be forwarded to other E-Mail Addresses, such as your work E-Mail address.

You can assign two E-Mail addresses for the message to be forwarded.

Also, you have the option of leaving a copy of the message in your maibox.

Messages in your mailbox are held with no time limit.
Any E-Mail message, which is exceeding 20MB cannot be accepted for forwarding.
You can customize your settings on our web site.
You can change your settings as many times you like.
Please note that there is no guarantee if the forwarding E-Mail address(es) you assign are correct, or the E-Mail messages are forwarded properly, so please be sure to specify the correct E-Mail address(es).
Any error messages from the forwarded mail address will be sent to the original sender of the E-Mail.
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