SpinNet Mail Virus Check

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The feature of SpinNet Mail Virus Check Service
As an Internet Service Provider, SpinNet believes it is our duty to make the Internet safe for all users, and to minimize the number of victims, and the spread of, viruses. In order to provide the safest environment for our customers we will introduce SpinNet Mail Virus Check Service. Users don't have to reconfigure their computers or pay any additional fees to enjoy safer Internet access. Our new Mail Virus Check Service covers all email addresses issued by SpinNet, and is included in your basic monthly fee.

Covers all SpinNet Email addresses(including additional email addresses)
No need to register or reconfigure your computer.
No extra Fees (part of basic monthly fee)

This service will be automatically activated on all SpinNet email accounts. If you do not want this service you can opt out for each of your SpinNet email addresses separately at Users' Information change menu.

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A receiver is a member of SpinNet
The message to notice that the attached file infected with the virus has been removed is inserted to the original email.

a mail sample

A sender is a member of SpinNet
A report mail to notice that you have sent the email infected with the virus is delivered to you.

a report mail sample

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