Added functions for enhanced convenience and ease of use.We offer three new types of web mail freely customizablefor different purposes.
MYHOME.mail The Ajax version functions just like your usual mail software.
MYHOME.mail lite The HTML version is focused on simple operation and ease of replying.
MYHOME.mail mobile The mobile phone version allows you to send and receive mail when you’re on the go.
MYHOME.mail/MYHOME.mail lite
Improved functions MYHOME.mail Easy to manage multiple addresses MYHOME.mail

The Ajax version can be used in the same way as general email software. For example, you can move folders by dragging and dropping, and perform almost all operations by right-clicking.

You can send or receive mails of other mail accounts through MYHOME.mail.
Up to 5 additional addresses can be used with MYHOME.mail at once.

Seamless link to web search engines! MYHOME.mail Easier to organize mails! MYHOME.mail/MYHOME.mail lite

Other search engines, map sites, or dictionary sites online will open seamlessly with just a right-click operation. You can look up words or place in these sites so easily.

Create some new folders for easier to organize your mails.
What's more, with mail sorting funciton you can make sure your mail is automatically sorted into the appropriate folders.

The search function for greater convenience. MYHOME.mail/MYHOME.mail lite Enhanced address book MYHOME.mail/MYHOME.mail lite

You can search your mail by using key words such as the sender's email address, the recipient, or the subject.
You can also search your address book using the name and email address as the key words.
You can even search all the mail you have sent and received.

Simply create a group within your address book to simultaneously transmit a single email to every member in the group. This lets you easily create your own mailing lists.
In addition, you can import your address book into webmail or export it (in CSV format).

MYHOME.mail mobile

In addition to sending and receiving mail, you can use the same operations used in MYHOME.mail and MYHOME.mail lite (PC version) to register and search addresses.


Operation is now easier than ever. Simply press the number key for the appropriate menu item on your mobile phone.

MYHOME.mail mobile login

You can also access your mail by scanning the barcode at left with your mobile phone.
If your mobile phone cannot read the barcode, simply enter the following address into your mobile phone.