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Upgrade speed of SpinNet eADSL Service |
Change from Analog to SpinNet eADSL Service Type1 |
Change from ISDN to SpinNet eADSL Service Type1 |
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Change from FLET'S ADSL to SpinNet eADSL Service Type1 |

Note: If the current line is ISDN line, then you need to convert the line from ISDN line to analog line, so that it takes more days than regular timetable to complete the installation.

1. Area Check(Check the area where the service is provided)
2.Check the distance from the NTT
3.Confirm the registered owner of the line
4.The environment check
5.Are the security system and/or gas detector existed on the environment?
If the application is incomplete, it may take more days for the installation.
In order to avoid a problem, please provide the proper information.
Fill out the form from the URL

Complete the registration and obtain the customer number
This customer number must be provided when you contact to SpinNet Customer Support Center.
*If you would like to apply for Wireless LAN service, please check in the box 「Apply for Wireless LAN Service」
Confirm the information of the registration. SpinNet Customer Support Center may need to contact you to confirm the information.
  " Thank you" letter will be sent The letter contains the information of the registration.
Line Qualification Test by NTT NTT checks your line availability, owners' name and fiber optic existence and contacts Y!Mobile with a 'good' or 'no good' verdict.
    Notification of compatibility from SpinNet to Customer  

Notification on the line conversion (from ISDN line to analog line)
* It is possible to request the same date for ISDN-to-analog line conversion and central office work by NTT for ADSL.
Availability Check (NOT OK) The following cases are examples that eADSL service may not be available.

1. There is no equipment available in Y!Mobile.
2. Y!Mobile can not confirm your identification.

They will contact you by telephone.
* The call from Y!Mobile is in Japanese language. If you prefer English support, please call our Customer Support Center.
  Y!Mobile requests to NTT Central office for ADSL work.  
  Notification of compatibility.  
Connect Login Name/ Connect Login Password for eADSL service will be sent for a new SpinNet member, other account information will be sent with this letter, such as Connect login name and email address.  
  Rental eADSL modem will be sent out. The modem will be sent before central office work by NTT
  ADSL work by NTT central office / ISDN-to-analog conversion. If you are using FLET'S ISDN, then you need to cancel the usage of FLET'S ISDN from our home page.
  eADSL Modem installation It is quite easy for yourself to install the equipment with the manual enclosed with account ID information.
Service is available In order to check the service availability, please access to the Internet. If there are any troubles, you need to contact us within 7 days after the installation.