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After Registration

We closed change registrations for "SpinNet eADSL Service", on June 30 2020 (Tue.).

We accept your cancellation request for eADSL Service by fax or postal mail.
Please contact our Customer Support Center 10 days bofore your desired cancellation date. We will send you the cancellation request form.

Monthly Charge
The service is provided on a monthly basis starting from the "Billing start date"
On the month of your cancellation, we will charge you for the monthly charge of SpinNet eADSL Service and the monthly rental fee for the eADSL modem.
If you cancel SpinNet eADSL Service, but continue to use SpinNet, the monthly charge will be changed as 2,200 yen.

Optional fee (modem installation fee, line changing fee, etc.)
Sometimes optional fees will be charged after the last billing.

Credit card billing statement
The billing statement will arrive after everything is settled, which can take a month or two.

Returning the rental modem
Please return the modem within 8 days after the cancellation date. You will be responsible for the postage cost.
[return address]
800, Shimomata, Kakegawa-shi, Shizuoka-ken. (zip 436-8501)
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