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"SpinNet eADSL Service" has been terminated on June 30 2021.

SpinNet eADSL Service provides you with always-on Internet connections using SoftBank (former Y!mobile) line, which gives you high speed access and downloads for a fixed monthly charge. With this service, you can enjoy fast and easy access to any information at any time you wish.
In order to apply for this service, you can simply register online, or send us an application by fax or postal mail, and we will do all the necessary arrangements for you. You do not have to go through troublesome procedures such as contacting a carrier on your own.
We offer you three types of high bandwidth internet connections which enable maximum downstream speeds from 50M to 1M.

●  Super Fast Connection Plan  ●
"SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL 50M Plan (50M)"
"SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL Plus II Plan (24M)"
You can download movies and songs in a few seconds and enjoy them freely without feeling any stress and interruptions.
The ADSL 47M plan has become the ADSL 50M plan. (Monthly charge fee remains the same.) Customers who have the ADSL 47M connection can change their connection type to 50M by simply upgrading the firmware. The firmware is ready on the SoftBank (former Y!mobile) website(Japanese only).

●  Fast and Lite Connection Plan  ●
"SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL Lite Plan (1M)"
You can enjoy always-on Internet connection for a reasonable flat rate. This service is ideal for those who are currently using dial-up connections and interested in broadband connections. You can also enjoy SpinPhone (VoIP service), utilizing this service.

* Features *
1. Extended service area !
eADSL Service is available in the areas serving more than 921 NTT Central Offices in Japan, and what is more, each office currently covers a radius of up to 7km!

2. SpinNet features all compatible !
You can still use SpinNet's great value added services at absolutely no additional cost!
Current customers can keep their current email address and user homepage address.