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[Transmission speed]
Service Maximum Speed
SpinNet eADSL Service Downstream Upstream
Lite Plan (1M)   1Mbps 512kbps
Plus Plan (12M) 12Mbps    1Mbps
Plus II Plan (24M) 24Mbps    1Mbps
50M Plan (50M) 50Mbps    5Mbps
Downstream : Data transmission from the Internet to your computer.
Upstream : Data transmission from your computer to the Internet.
*Regarding maximum transmission speeds
Depending on the quality of your NTT line and the wiring in your house, your ADSL connection may not reach the maximum specified speeds.

[Service type]
Type1(Existing analog line shared by ADSL and NTT phone service )
Choose this option to use ADSL, as well as your existing phone and fax service, over the same telephone line you are already using. If you are currently using an ISDN line, NTT will need to convert your line to an analog line.

Type2(Dedicated line installed exclusively for ADSL service)
Choose this option if you want an extra analog line just for ADSL, in addition to the telephone line you are already using.
The usual 79,200yen charge for a new NTT subscriber line does not apply. But you will not be able to make or receive phone calls on this extra line.

---leased from SoftBank (former Y!mobile)---
ADSL modem x 1
High-speed communication device that uses DSL technology.
You can find more information about the modem.
Please click here (Japanese only)

Splitter x 1 (Type1 service only)
Device that multiplexes and separates telephone voice signals.

---provided by the customer---
LAN card
Compatible 10BASE-T or 100BASE-TX

LAN cable
LAN straight cable(about 2 meters) for connecting an ADSL modem to your PC will come with a rental-modem.
LAN straight/cross cables and a hub(or switching hub) will be required separately if you are planning to connect more than one computer.

[Service area]
To check the latest service area, click on the "Find out right away!" button and enter the area code and local phone number you plan to use.

[Features still included]
SpinNet eADSL Service covers many of the free optional services provided by SpinNet.

Up to 6 e-mail Addresses (All additional email addresses are equipped with SpinNet Mail Virus Check Service.)
e-mail Virus Check Service
e-mail Forwarding Service
User Home Page Service(up to 50M)
Dial up Access