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[What is Wireless LAN?]
Wireless LAN enables seamless network access and Internet connectivity. Using this service, you will free yourself from the strain of messy and troublesome cable wiring.
*You can also link computers by wired connections.
*Customers using the following service can apply for Wireless LAN Service*
*SpinNet eADSL Service Plus II Plan (24M)
*SpinNet eADSL Service Plus Q Plan (40M)
*SpinNet eADSL Service 47M Plan (47M)
*SpinNet eADSL Service 50M Plan (50M)
Customers currently using eADSL Service Lite Plan (1M)/Plus Plan (12M) need to upgrade the speed to 24M or 50M in order to use this optional service.
Wireless LAN Service will be cancelled automatically when you cancel the connection service above.

[Following device needs to be prepared by customers]
- Wireless LAN board or Wireless LAN card
    supporting IEEE802.11a,IEEE802.11g,IEEE802.11b
*Rental device provided by SoftBank (former Y!mobile)*
1)ADSL modem "Aterm WD600/700CV Series" x 1
(Japanese Only)
2)Wireless LAN card "Aterm WL54AG" x 1
(Japanese Only)
3) Splitter x 1

Please be aware that Aterm WL54AG must be used with ADSL modem Aterm WD600/700CV Series.
There is no guarantee that any other Wireless LAN device will be compatible with the Aterm WD600/700CV Series modem.

[Modem Exchange]
Customers using ADSL modem other than Aterm WD600/700CV Series have to exchange the modem.
Customers currently using Aterm WD600/700CV Series will receive Wireless LAN card "Aterm WL54AG" after the registration. There is no need to exchange the modem.
*How to confirm the type of the modem which you are using*
Please check the label on the side of the modem.
*Modem /Card Rental Fee*
(tax included.)
Aterm WD600/700CV Series 550 yen/month
Aterm WL54AG Wireless LAN Card 748 yen/month
ADSL modem and wireless LAN card must be rented from SoftBank (former Y!mobile).
Wireless LAN card will be loaded on a rental-modem.
Wireless LAN card/board for your computer will be required separately.
*How to set up*
Please refer to "Tsunagikata Guide" packaged with the modem.

Apply for Wireless LAN Service! !