March 24, 2006
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About POP before SMTP
Previously, only email sent from networks other than SpinNet used the method known as "POP before SMTP." In order to further increase security, we've implemented a policy to ensure that all our email is now sent and received with this method.

"POP before SMTP" is a method in which a user authentication is performed when an email message is transmitted. This system ensures the email is sent only after the intended receiver has been authenticated.

SMTP servers (sending servers) cannot be protected against spam email transmission and its reporting because they have no user authentication function. Therefore, many cases of misuse have reported.
(Anti-spam measures:

With the POP before SMTP method, the POP server (receiving server) confirms the existence of the SpinNet user before the email is sent. In this way, the sending of spam email to the SpinNet mail server is prevented.

To accommodate the POP before SMTP method, you might have to change the preference settings in your email software. If you cannot currently send and receive email without difficulty, check the following settings in your email software. If you are not having difficulty sending and receiving email, there is no need to change your settings.

*** E-mail software settings ***
Windows   Macintosh
- Outlook Express 6.0   - Mail 1.3
- Microsoft Outlook 2003       - Outlook Express 5.0
- Netscape 7.2   - PostPet V3
- Becky! Ver.2   - Thunderbird
- PostPet V3    
- Thunderbird    

Note: If you still cannot send or receive email ...
For security reasons, the POP server authentication that takes place before the email is sent becomes invalid after about 10 minutes. If you do not transmit the email soon after authentication because you are writing a lengthy email, or if the connection is broken, transmit the authentication again to send the email.

Moreover, an increasing number of Internet service providers have implemented "Outbound Port 25 Blocking" as a spam countermeasure. In some cases, SpinNet customers who attempt to access their email through such a provider cannot send email even with the POP before SMTP settings. For more information, please visit the following website.

What is "Outbound Port 25 Blocking"?

* POP: Post Office Protocol, SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

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