Updated August 25, 2016
Updated September 3, 2015
October 1, 2008
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The introduction of a new spam blocking system
The best we can do as Internet service provider

 We have taken various countermeasures, such as "Mail Virus Check","Spamblocker", "Mail Filtering" and "OP25B", to prevent receiving junk mails. Unfortunately spam mails have continued to increase recently in the world. We would like to announce that we have introduced a new antispam system in order to use the Internet more safely for our customers.

 The system identifies spam mails from sender's IP address and deliver normal emails only to your mailbox.

 We can provide more comfortable email service by introducing the system. Although please note that this system does not block all of spam mails. We recommend using "Mail Filtering" and "Spamblocker", which are our free services.

Overview Of The New System
Other Information

We apply this system to all users. There are no fees incurred or settings required with this service.

If you have any questions, please click here.

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