April 8, 2004
SpinNet Customer Support Center
Unsolicited bulk emails
Unsolicited bulk emails, so-called SPAM, are sent to you when the third party gets to know your email address.

Some spammers use the special email softwares to search for active domains and generate email addresses randomly. This type of softwares also send emails automatically to unspecified numbers of self-created email addresses.

Your email address can be also known by the third party by your registering for Mailing List and writing on Internet discussion board etc...

The following are some of the options to block spam!

1. Change email address
We offer SpinNet customers with Additional E-Mail service.
You can obtain a maximum of five more email addresses.
By using brand new email address, the number of unwanted emails
can be decreased.
You can find more details for this service at the following URL.
* Please note that announcement from SpinNet will be
sent to only your primary email address.

2. Use the email filtering function of your email software
Some email softwares are equipped with an email
filitering functions. You can configure your mail software
to block or delete unwanted emails.
How to filter spam:
Outlook Express
1 Open Outlook Express
2 Open "Inbox" tray
3 Click on an unwanted email
4 Click on "Message" on the menu bar to choose "Block Sender"
* Please choose "Create Rule from Message" if you would like to
do advanced setting.

3. Obtain email header information
You can find out the server administrator which is in charge of spammer's account from IP address stated in email header information, and it will be possible for the server administrator to send a warning to the spammer to stop sending spam.
How to obtain mail header information:
Outlook Express
1 Open Outlook Express
2 Open "Inbox" tray
3 Right click on an unwanted email to choose "Properties".
4 Click on "Details"

If you are using an email software other than Outlook Express, please refer to each manual or contact each Customer Support Center directly so that they can help you.

In addition to these countermeasure, you can use our high-function spam filtering service "Spam Blocker" (free of charge).

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