about FLET'S ISDN Service
NTT(EAST/WEST)'s "FLET'S ISDN" provides a connection between end-users and ISPs(Internet Service Providers) for a fixed monthly charge. With this service there is no need to pay the usual per-minute charge to NTT for your connection time.

Usage fee
Payment of NTT's "FLET'S ISDN" fee to NTT (3,080 yen per a month) and the usual SpinNet fee (2,200 yen a month) are required.

Service area
All areas in Japan where NTT offers the FLET'S ISDN service.
Please refer to NTT's webpage and look for your telephone area code and prefix to find the schedule for your area.

Page of "FLET'S" (NTT EAST) (Japanese)
Page of "FLET'S" (NTT WEST) (Japanese)

Frequently asked questions about NTT's "FLET'S ISDN".

Usage procedures
You will need to register the usage of "FLET'S ISDN" with SpinNet.For more information about registering, please see Users' Information change.

How to use

* When you connect to SpinNet using NTT's "FLET'S ISDN", you have to add "@spinnet.jp" at the end of your User Login Name.
Ex) 12345678@tka.jpn@spinnet.jp
(If your User Login Name is 12345678@tka.jpn)
* When you use NTT's "FLET'S ISDN", you have to use the Access Point Phone Number given by NTT. You cannot use NTT's "FLET'S ISDN" with SpinNet's Access Point Phone Number.
* If you have registered with MY LINE or MY LINE PLUS with another carrier besides NTT EAST/WEST for "Local calls", then you need to change the dialing settings on your computer, TA(Terminal Adapter), router, etc.. For more details, please go to the following URL:

* NTT's "FLET'S ISDN" is not a service that guarantees completely continuous connection. We will need to cut off your connection once a month due to maintenance. The time frame is 5:00 a.m. - 6:00 a.m. on the first day of every month.
* For FLET'S ISDN Service, your phone number will need to be displayed.
* You can register only one area for FLET'S ISDN Service.
* You can register for only one service following choices;
- "FLET'S ADSL 1.5M"
- "FLET'S HIKARI Services".

For details of NTT's "FLET'S ISDN", please refer to NTT's web page.
Web site of NTT EAST (Japanese)
Web site of NTT WEST (Japanese)

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