One Number Access Service

| One Number Access Service |

The SpinNet One Number Access Service allows customers to connect to an access point from anywhere in Japan at the same rate.
Customers can connect to the Internet at the same calling rate as a local call through the One Number Access Service. Moreover, customers do not have to change their telephone number settings when they move to another city.
* All local access points (33 access points nationwide and InterAccesses) have already been terminated at the end of March 2006.
  Please click here to change your local access point configuration to One Number Access point.
* PIAFS Line (for PHS) has been terminated at the end of March 2016.

How to configure access point
Please click here to configure One Number Access point.

Please click here for FAQ about "One Number Access Service"
One Number Access Service
  Access Point Number Modems/Protocols Rates
For Subscriber
0088-33-6000*1 ~33.6kbps, Analog(V.90) ,
Daytime(8:00:00 - 22:59:59)
Nighttime(23:00:00 - 7:59:59)
  *1 For FLET'S ISDN users, there is no need to change your connection telephone number to this number. Please note that the telephone charge will be charged separately if a FLET'S ISDN user uses this number.
      *1 Charges to connect to One Number Access Point (excluding PIAFS) will be billed by SoftBank.
Precautions regarding Use of One Number Access
* This service is available anywhere in Japan if your phone line supports 0088 callings. (The service is unavailable if restrictions are imposed on using 0088 on the phone because of the special circumstances of the customer or originating party.)
* The access point for subscriber lines (0088-33-6000) is available for SoftBank's Otoku Line ,but not for other direct revenue fixed lines (e.g. KDDI's KDDI Metal Plus.) For more details , please click here.
* In some cases, this service is unavailable in hotels and other facilities.
* One Number Access Service may not be available when connecting other from CATV telephone lines. Ask your CATV operator whether you can connect or not.
* This service cannot be used with a public phone.
* This service is available whether you are contracted with a SoftBank's telephone service or not.
* This service is available regardless of your MyLine and MyLine Plus Choices.
* This service cannot be used in conjunction with discount services offered by telephone carriers.

Availability of the service offered by telephone carrier

"Otoku Line"
"Tele-hodai ","i -Aiplan"
Not Available
"KDDI Metal Plus","Shinal Long"
Public Phones
Cellular phones
CATV Telephone Line Ask your CATV operator whether you can connect or not.