Web Filtering Service
URL Filtering

  Forbidden Web Site Categories * It is impossible to choose and change forbidden categories.


Illegal acts

Sites that provide information concerning illegal acts in Japan such as fraud, groper, theft, murder, rape, prostitution, etc. *1

Illegal drugs

Sites that provide information of illegal drugs in Japan, and encourage using drugs. *2

Improper usage of medicines

Sites which encourage improper usage of medicines that require prescriptions.


Terrorism / Extremists

Sites that owned by groups or individuals who act radically, violently and intimidately in order to pursue military acts, terrorism and radical changes.


Sites that provide various information concerning acquisition, manufacture, sales, and usage of weapons. *3

Hate / Slander

Sites which contain expressions, opinions, slanders etc. that lack of manners.

Suicide / Running away

Sites that contain information concerning advice about suicide, how to commit suicide and running away from home.


Sites where site owners insist on their views. *4


Sexual acts

Sites that contain images or movies of sexual acts or genitals, and download them.


Sites that contain images or movies of nude or seminude, and download them.

Sex services

Sites that provide various information concerning sex service shops, adult goods, porno videos, adult games, love hotels, adult models etc.

Porno search engines / Porno links

Search engines, link lists, ranking lists, and portal sites of porno.

Hacking & Proxy avoidance


Sites that provide information on stealing passwords, hacking and cracking.


Sites that make PC download viruses and cracking software forcibly by browsing them. *5


Proxy sites. Sites including how to use and proxy site lists.


Dating / Introduction agencies

Sites that provide various information intending sexual encounter.

Matrimonial Agencies

Sites that provide various service information concerning matrimonial agencies etc aiming to meet eligible people.



Images and depictions that would like not to browse (bodies, excrements, etc), images and depictions of disgusting things. *6

Adult / Mature Content

Intimate appeals / Swimsuits

Sites that contain sexy images of swimsuits, underwear and race queens (pit babes), sale goods and provide information on sexual fetishism.

Sexual depictions

Sites that contain sexual depictions without images, such as adult chats, sexual notice boards and sensual novels.

Costume Play

Sites that contain images, information concerning merchandise, etc., of costume play.



Sites that provide information concerning various kinds of supernatural phenomena that cannot explain scientifically.

Unsolicited advertisement

URLs in junk mails

URLs that are in unsolicited emails.*7

*1 Literary and portrait piracy is included as well. Besides sites that contain information on setting off and promoting illegal acts, are included. Moreover contents, that are questionable illegal as well as obvious illegal, are included. Further these sites are included, such as fishing Web sites that are obviously related to frauds, and dating Web sites that violate laws on regulation of dating Web sites.

*2 The contents, that are questionable illegal as well as obvious illegal, are included. It is also targeted, how to cultivate drugs, information on places and experiences of drugs on abroad.

*3 Hobbies concerning weapons are included, such as model guns, knives, purchase and collecting of survival games, etc.

*4 Sites which contain advocacies and information on improving and promoting improper acts that are not generally accepted by society, such as selling personal information, etc.

*5 Virus-infected sites that site owners are not aware of infections are included.

*6 Images in news articles, like links to an unexpected browsing that causes unpleasant and disgusted feeling, are registered to URL filtering database on some occasions.

*7 Redirect and affiliate sites are mainly registered on URL filtering database. Sites that are categorized into illegal, adult contents, dating, etc, are registered as each category. It does not mean that this service stops receiving junk mails. Besides this service does not prohibit browsing all sites that are in junk mails.

  Target Protocols


  Data Base Engines

"InterSafe" made by ALPS SYSTEM INTEGRATION CO., LTD is adopted. We adopt the database that regards Japanese laws and culture as most important, and It is updated everyday to latest harmful site information indigenous to Japan.


  OS Environment

This is non-OS dependent function; therefore the function is available for Windows and Macintosh.
This is available only by changing proxy settings of browser.


- Streaming data is not filtered.
- It is impossible to specify each URL as forbidden target.

Virus Check


Virus Check detects and eliminates viruses when you access Web sites, it protects PCs from viruses via Internet. When you access a site that have a possibility to infect a virus, Virus Check displays pages after having eliminated the virus. Even if the virus has not eliminated completely, it prohibits the access and displays "Access denied" message to user.

 Target Protocols


*SSL(HTTPS) is not checked due to its encryption.


"Symantec AntiVirus ScanEngine" of Symantec is adopted.


 OS Environment

This is non-OS dependent function; therefore this function is available for Windows and Macintosh.
This is available only by changing proxy settings of browser.


- Over 100 MB data files are not checked.
- Streaming data is not checked.