Web Filtering Service

This service has been terminated on June 30, 2022 (Thu.).
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Block harmful and virus-infected sites with Web Filtering!
SpinNet Web Filtering Service
URL Filtering and Virus Check functions block harmful and virus-infected sites! All these functions are offered completely free of charge. Your family can enjoy more secure Internet surfing.

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URL Filtering

URL Filtering prohibits browsing ten categories Web sites such as adult contents, illegal, drugs, violence, dating, gamble, etc, and protects your child from harmful sites. Your family can enjoy secure Internet.


*1 All these categories listed this page are forbidden targets.

*2 If you would not like to use the function, it is possible to turn it off.

Virus Check

Virus Check detects and eliminates viruses that infect by Web browsing (e.g. browsing virus-infected Web sites). Especially infections while you are browsing unknowingly happens. Virus Check provides more secure Internet environment.


* Virus Check detects and eliminates viruses when you access Web sites. In the case that a virus has not eliminated completely, Virus Check prevents accessing the site, and displays "Access denied"message.Click here for details.

Web Filtering Service enables to restrict Web browsing dependingon your situations.

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A situation for instance

Share one PC at home.

Hold more than one PC at home.

(1) A brother who goes to high school browse secure Web sites only.

(2) Father enjoys Internet surfing without restriction.

(3) A preschool sister is not allowed to browse Web sites at all.

(1) PC#1 can browse secure Web sites only.

(2) PC#2 can browse all categories of Web sites.

(3) PC#3 cannot browse Web sites at all.