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1. Can I use MYHOME service from overseas, office, or other ISPs?
Yes, you can access MYHOME.mail, MYHOME.mail lite and MYHOME.mail mobile from anywhare you are. We do not have any access restrictions for using MYHOME service. However, a PC without Japanese fonts cannot display Japanese characters.

* You are able to use "MYHOME.mail mobile" with the cell phone possible of Internet access.
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2. What is the difference between MYHOME.mail and MYHOME.mail lite?
MYHOME.mail lite has a general WEB mail function. You are able to do more customizing on MYHOME.mail than MYHOME.mail lite.
And you are able to use MYHOME.mail like using the email software.
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3. I cannot login with my mail address.
MYHOME services are only available for SpinNet e-mail addresses including additional addresses.
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4. Are my mail messages deleted automatically?
No, your mail messages remain on the server even after you have read and closed them.
Mail will be deleted only when you use the "DELETE" function on MYHOME or when you download them to your PC using your regular mail software.
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5. Can I read deleted messages?
Unfortunately, you cannot read deleted messages read in any way.
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6. Are there any mailboxes (mail folder), such as "Inbox", "Sent", or "Draft" folders.
"MYHOME.mail " has mail folders. But unfortunately "MYHOME.mail lite" does not have them.
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7. Where will my sent mail be stored?
It is possible to store sent mails to the Mail Box if you set.
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8. Can I use regular mail software and MYHOME service together?
The combination of following 3 methods allows you to use both systems as if you were using one mail viewing system.
* On your mail software, please use the function "keep mails on server" to keep your mail messages on mail server.
* On MYHOME.mail, please delete mail messages from time to time. Please remember that the size of your mailbox is 30MB.
* On both mail software and MYHOME.mail, please fill your mail address in the "Bcc:" field when sending mail.
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9. Any advise for security issues?
MYHOME service uses encrypted connection using SSL. Therefore the data between our web server and your PC will be kept secure. But you also have to keep the security of your PC.
* After using the service, please do not forget to click on the "Logout" button.
* Please turn off the browser function which automatically inputs your ID or Password, such as "Auto Complete" of Internet Explorer.
* After using the service, please delete browser cache (Internet Temporary Files).

Please take care of your security, in particular when sharing PCs in Internet Cafes etc.
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10. How about mail virus?
SpinNet's Mail Virus Check Service is available on MYHOME service, and therefore mail viruses of sent and received mail messages are checked and disinfected if you do not unsubscribe to our Mail Virus Check Service intentionally. However, please keep higher security, we recommend you to be cautious not to open an unknown attachment file, delete it.
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11. I want to change the "From:" field when sending mail messages.
You are able to change. Please set it in Setting Chane Web "Basic Setting".
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12. HTML mail is not well displayed.
To keep your security, the HTML mail display function is set to OFF as default. To turn it on, please click on the "Setup" button and follow the instructions after logging in. Please note that if your browser has security hole, this function can cause critical security problems. Please keep your browser up-to-date.
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13. Is there a limitation in the use?
The following settings are required.
* Please make JavaScript effective.
* Please release the pop up block.

*There is no above-mentioned limitation when you use MYHOME.mail lite and/or MYHOME.mail mobile.

Please check here about the system requirements.
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14. I cannot use MYHOME.mail.
It is not likely to be able to use it by a browser used. On the case, please try to use MYHOME.mail lite.

Please check here about the system requirements.
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15. All dates in old mail became the same dates.
Due to mail server meintenance, the time displayed by reception e-mail list with renewal WEB mail. It became the mail arrival date to a new server. About e-mail which received a message before the maintenance, the e-mail shift day is displayed as receiving date in the inbox screen. When users receive by e-mailing software, the actual date which received by SpinNet is displayed.

The mail server shift maintenance schedule is here
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1. Are there any mailboxs (mail folder), such as "Inbox", "Sent", or "Draft" folders.
Unfortunately "MYHOME.mail lite" does not have mail folders. But "MYHOME.mail " has them.
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2. I cannot use MYHOME.mail lite.
It is not likely to be able to use it by a browser used.

Please check here about the system requirements.
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1. Can I use "MYHOME.mail mobile" from overseas, office, or other ISPs?
Yes, you can check incoming mails. Also, you can reply andcompose messages and send them. Please note that MYHOME.mail mobile does not have folder creating function.
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2. Can I send mails with MYHOME.mail mobile?
You are able to check incoming mails, send mails and reply. But you are not able to make folders and change setting.
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3. Is there a limitation in the using terminal?
Yes, you can use "MYHOME.mail mobile" with cellular phones with internet browsing system.
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