September 16, 2004
SpinNet Customer Support Center
Anti-spam measures
In August 2004, there were so many spam emails sent to our email server, and there was a delay in delivering emails due to the overload of our mail servers. These malicious spam emails still continue to be sent to our mail servers today.

As a measure to block these spam emails, SpinNet has decided to refer to the databases of spam-oversight organizations as stated below. Emails sent from Global IP addresses listed above are currently being rejected by our email servers. And the sender will receive the error as below.
554 Service unavailable; [**.**.**.**] blocked using,
reason: Blocked - see**.**.**.**
In rare cases, some customers may experience a difficulty in sending email due to this sever setting. In that case, please see the following instruction to solve the problem.
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1.In case that you receive the error message above after sending email. (The global IP address which your computer obtained from ISP seems to be listed in the spam-oversight organization. This problem likely happens when you are trying to send email using the connection provided by ISP other than SpinNet.)
In case of internet connection provided by other ISP
First, please make sure your mail software settings about 'POP before SMTP'.
For more details about how to send email using 'POP before SMTP',
please refer to following URL.

If you still receive the error message after re-setting, please contact each ISP to take a necessary procedure.
In case of internet connection provided by SpinNet
(In this case your Global IP address starts from "165.76.*.*")

We will investigate the details of problem. Please let us know the following information so that we can take a necessary procedure to remove IP address from the IP-blacklist.
  1. "From" address
  2. "To" address
  3. Date and Time of sending email
  4. Error message
  5. Global IP address
Also, you can simply forward the error email to our Customer Support Center (

2.In case that someone can not send email to your SpinNet email address using a connection provided by the ISP other than SpinNet. (Global IP address which the sender obtained from the ISP is listed in the spam-oversight organization.)
Please inform the sender that he/she should contact each ISP to take necessary actions.

*This matter bears no relation to our service "SPAM Blocker"

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