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SFTP compatible software is required to upload files.
Please check the manual.

Uploading Files
Check Kimberly's HTML Lessons

Uploading your files
  • Your upload server will be,
  • Upload Host : upload.spinnet.jp
    Protocol : SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
    Port : 8022
    Login ID : Your Mail address
    Password : Your Mail(POP) Password

    - If your URL is : http://given server name/gold/spinnet, your Home Directory (absolute path) is /gold/spinnet.
    - If your FTP software does not allow you to use @ mark in the Login ID, Please use % mark instead of @ mark.(ex:abcd%***.***.ne.jp)

  • When you login to the upload server, the directory shown above will be your home directory.

  • You can easily upload your files with the following softwares.
    for Windows Filezilla (PDF)
    for Mac OS Filezilla (PDF)

Access your homepage
  • Enter your URL to your Browser software.
    Your URL will be

    ex)  If your home directory is "/gold/spinnet", and You named your homepage "index.html"
    URL = http://given server name/gold/spinnet

  • In order to make the access to our User Homepage Server easier for our customers, we have adjusted our system configuration.
    With this system adjustment, when you browse your own Homepage, which is newly uploaded, it is necessary to press the refresh/reload button twice.
    However, this does not apply to the other people who access to your Homepage site.