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Counter CGI
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With the counter function which is described here, customers can display on their home page the cumulative number of hits to their home page(s).

  • The counter does not have to be on the top page. It can be located on any page(s).
  • You may choose any of the designs we have created for you or use your own customized design.
  • The counter is only available for the home pages on our User Home Page Service server.
  • The maximum count for a page is about 2.1 billion (2,147,483,647). If this is exceeded, the indicator returns to 0.
  • If the counter function is used, the 2 files shown below will be automatically created in your home directory.
    The counter does not work without the two files, therefore please do not erase or modify them.

File Name Description
.count_file Records the number of hits to a specified page.
.count_lock Controls writing operation to the ".count_file".

Description in your HTML file.
  • Please place the following command where the counter should be put.
    <!-- --------Start-------- -->
    <img src="/cgi-bin/count/nph-count?increase=1&width=6" align="middle">
    <!-- --------End---------- -->

    If the above command is used, the counter as illustrated below will appear.

  • By changing start-up options (the part that follows /nph-count?), you can specify in more detail how counting is recorded.
    The following options are available.
    When specifying more than one option, be sure to use "&" mark in between.

Option names Description
set May be omitted.(Normally, this is omitted.)
The start value for the counter is set.
Numbers larger than 2,147,483,647 can not be specified.

After you have set the value of the counter using this option, you then need to delete the new set option. Otherwise, the value of the counter will remain the same and not increase any more.
ex : set=10000
The start value for the counter is 10,000.
increase May be omitted.(Default is 1)
Increment used for each access is specified.

ex : increase=2
For each access, the counter is increased by 2.
width May be omitted.(If omitted, the number is shown without any preceding 0.)
The number of displayed digits is specified(1 to 10).
Zeros are placed in front as fillers, if necessary.

ex : width=5
A 5-digit counter is displayed.
image May be omitted.(Default is a standard design.)
The design for the counter is specified.

When choosing from available designs:
choose one from images 1 to 15 or 90 to 94.

ex : image=1
Image 1 is used to display.

When using your own design:
Specify a directory name where the image files are stored.
Replace "/given path/your user path name/directory name/" with a path description starting with "/" and ending with "/".

ex : image=/gold/jens/images/
The image stored as 0.gif to 9.gif in the directory "/images" created in the home directory "/gold/jens" is used.

Use of Existing Designs

Use of Customer Created Designs:
  • Create GIF image files for numbers 0 to 9.
    File names will be 0.gif, 1.gif,... and 9.gif, respectively. Use small case alphanumerics.
    It shows up more clearly on the screen if you use the same image size for all the numbers.(Size of image is specified using the number of pixels for the height and width.)
  • Store 0.gif to 9.gif in the same directory and specify the directory name with an image option.
    When specifying an image option, be sure to begin and end with "/".

  • If you set the same counter image on more than one page, the counter image of the previous page may appear. This is caused by browser cache, so please push [Reload] button.

    Deletion of ".count_file" and ".count_lock" file resets a counter.