Frequently Asked Questions about FLET'S ISDN

What is FLET'S ISDN?
It is a dial up connection service for ISDN line users. The access point will be provided by NTT. When you register and use this NTT's service, the telephone cost will stay fixed regardless of the length of your connection time.

For information on NTT FLET'S ISDN Service:
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How can I use FLET'S ISDN Service?
First, you will have to register with NTT. Before signing up with SpinNet, please confirm with NTT the date you will be able to use the FLET'S ISDN.
There is no need for you to contact our Customer Support Center for using this service.

For more details please view the NTT homepage:

For service area information, registration procedure with NTT, and access point information, please contact NTT.
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Are any extra charges incurred besides the 2,200 yen/month fee or any special registration required?
There is no extra charge or special registration required. You will be able to use your current SpinNet account by applying FLET'S ISDN settings. If you do so, there is no need for you to contact us.
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Is there an exclusive FLET'S ISDN plan?
No, we do not offer one. If you sign up with our general service, you will be able to use FLET'S ISDN for regions we are providing the service.
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Will the access point phone number change?
Yes, it will become the number that NTT provides. If you are going to use FLET'S ISDN Service, please use the number given by NTT.
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How do I set up the system? Do I have to change my set up?
1. Please use the access point phone number given by NTT.
2. When you make your connection, please add "" at the end of your Connect Login Name.
Ex) If your Connect Login Name is 12345678@tka.jpn , you need to use it as:
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Is the IP Address fixed?
We do not provide a fixed (static) IP address. Every time you connect, a different global IP address is assigned.
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Will I get busy signals at the access point?
When you are using FLET'S ISDN Service, you will be accessing NTT's Access Point number. Therefore, please inquire NTT if you experience any trouble with your connection.
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How is the line quality?
SpinNet cannot guarantee the service quality of FLET'S ISDN. However, we monitor the connection between our service and FLET'S ISDN closely.
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In the manual, it is written, " the 24-hr connect is not guaranteed". Does this mean that in some cases, the connection cannot be established?

There is scheduled maintenance work on the first day of each month on our service. During the maintenance work, there will be a disconnection. There may also be a case where the access is disconnected due to NTT's work on its NTT FLET'S ISDN network. Please check information regarding scheduled maintenance work:

SpinNet :
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Can I start using the service as soon as FLET'S ISDN becomes available in the area I am interested in or residing in?
Yes, if you are already a member of our service. Please visit our homepage for the available service area and the further information. The URL is:
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Is there any limit to the number of users that may connect through FLET'S ISDN?
No, there is no limit.
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When connecting through FLET'S ISDN, can I access SpinNet's "Members' page" as well? (Are there any services of SpinNet that we may not use anymore?)
There is no restriction in using our service when connecting through FLET'S ISDN. Services such as e-email, home page uploading are available to you as before.
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Which TA or Router do you recommend?
There is no particular product that we recommend. Please view NTT's home page for more information.
NTT's homepage states that depending on the type of TA or Dial-up Router, you may have to use a newer version of firmware.

* ATERM Status (Japanese)
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Is the connection using Macintosh all right?
The NTT Homepage states that there may be difficulties when using OpenTransPort. By using FreePPP, conditions should improve. Please try your connection using the newest version of Free PPP.

TA / Router Connection Information (NTT EAST)
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I get an error while making a connection. Is the access point number entered in your dial up connection, the one given by NTT?
Please check the followings:
* The number you will be using is the one provided by NTT at the time of your registration, not the one given by SpinNet.
* Is your dial up number displayed? If not, an error will occur, so before making your connection, please be sure to change your settings so that the dial up number will be displayed. The directions for changing the setting differ among various TA and Routers, so please refer to the user's manual. (If you are having trouble changing your settings, please try adding "186" to the beginning of your telephone number).
* Have you entered your User ID in a full domain form? For FLET'S ISDN users, we have changed the user login name. If you get a password error, please check your settings to confirm that the correct login name is entered.
* Please confirm the firmware of your TA / Router. There are certain kinds of TA / Routers that may be unavailable to FLET'S ISDN. Please verify with the maker or with the store you purchased the TA / Router.
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