February 16, 2023
SoftBank Corp.

[Important] Suspicious E-mails and Phishing Sites Claiming to be from SpinNet

Dear Customers,

Thank you very much for using SpinNet.

We have confirmed that there are phishing websites which send spoofed SpinNet e-mails and attempt to acquire Mail Address and Password.

If these are stolen, there may be a possibility of that someone pretending to be as you and send/receive e-mails and even exploit services.

Please be careful when receiving e-mails with a link and when entering your ID and password.

For further details, please refer to the following:


1. In case you receive a suspicious e-mail

Suspicious e-mails have been confirmed as pretending to be from SpinNet with false sender information, such as e-mail address and display name.

If you receive a suspicious email, delete the email without opening any links.


  • Threatens to delete your e-mail account if you do not comply with the notice
  • Explains that your email account needs to be restored
  • Pretends to be a service or server upgrade notice
  • Pretending to be a maintenance notice
  • Pretending to be an email service outage/restoration notice

2. Confirm links in e-mails

The legitimate SpinNet URL is as follows.

Please confirm the URL before clicking it and do not enter your ID and password if you think it might be a spoofed website.

[SpinNet MYHOME.mail]

  • SpinNet Top page / MYHOME.mail(Web mail) Login page
  • MYHOME.mail for mobile Login page

[Confirm and change SpinNet services]

  • Change users' information
    URLs start with https://regist.spinnet.jp/

3. What to do if you enter your account information on a suspicious site

If you have entered your e-mail account or e-mail password on a suspicious site, we ask that you change your password immediately.

[About changing the password]

[How to reconfigure the e-mail software after changing the password]

4. Notes

Please do not use the same password for multiple Internet services or set a password that is easily guessed by a third party.


  • Sequence number (111111 or 123456)
  • A row of letters from a standard keyboard layout (QWERTY, ASDFGH, etc.)
  • Use of dictionary words

Please contact SpinNet Customer Support Center if you have any further questions.