October 22, 2018
SoftBank Corp.

About blackmail demanding payment in virtual currency

Dear SpinNet Customers,

Thank you very much for using SpinNet.
Some customers contact us about blackmail demanding payment in virtual currency, that has been spreading across the world since July 2018.
Referring information below, please pay attention to those mails.

The details are as follows.

Reaction Please do not answer those mails. If you use mail password mentioned in the spam mail, please change it immediately.

There are no such facts that SpinNet leaks personal information.
How to change mail password (1)Change mail password
Please access 'User's Information Change' page to change it.

  • Please do not use an easy-to-guess password.
  • Please do not use a same password of other Internet services.
(2)Reconfigure email software
You need to reconfigure email software after changing mail password.
Please refer Software Setting Guide to configure software.
Information [Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)]

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.