July 24, 2017
SoftBank Corp.

Concerning SpinNet Spamblocker Service

Dear SpinNet Customers,

Thank you very much for using SpinNet.
We will change SpinNet Spamblocker Service as follows.

The details are as follows.

About the change (1) We will change the company where provides a database that is referred on identifying spam mails.

Current : Cloudmark Authority (Cloudmark, Inc.)
After : Matrix Scan APEX (imatrix corp.)

(2) Change spam sensitivity level
We will change spam sensitivity level as two levels (aggressive, standard).

Current After
High Aggressive
Low Standard

* Please click here for more details of Spamblocker Service.
Schedule From July 24 2017 (Mon.)
Other You do not need to change any settings.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.