April 21, 2011

Start of "Child Pornography Blocking"

Dear Customer,

 Thank you very much for using SpinNet.

 Child Pornography, which abuses children's human rights, has been a social problem in Japan and abroad these days.

 We will take measures to block access to websites containing pornographic images of children through SpinNet as of today, using a blocked address list made by the Internet Content Safety Association (ICSA) in order to protect children from the damage caused by spreading the contents through the Internet.

We will change the SpinNet Service Agreement as a result of carrying out these measures.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

1. Content

 We will block access to websites listed in Child Pornography address by ICSA when you connect to the Internet through SpinNet, in order to protect children's human rights.
When trying to access to child pornography websites or images (still or dynamic) through SpinNet service, an access denied page will be indicated.

*ICSA : Internet Contents Safety Association
ICSA is an association that makes a Child Pornography address list based on information from the Internet Hotline Center and provides it to ISPs.
URL : http://www.netsafety.or.jp/ (Only written in Japanese)

2. Starting Date

April 21, 2011 (Thu.)

3. Concerning

Customers using SpinNet service for Internet connection

4. Changes in SpinNet Service Agreement

Add Paragraph (4) newly to Article 25

(Restriction of the Use of Communications)
We shall restrict access to websites or images (still or dynamic), based on a Child Pornography address list (*).
(*) The child pornography address list set forth in Paragraph (4) shall be a Child Pornography address list that the Internet Content Safety Association provides.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Support Center.

Softbank Telecom Corp.
Start of "Child Pornography Blocking"
(Only written in Japanese)

SpinNet Customer Support
Concerning Child Pornography Blocking