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Reconfigure your computer settings
For WindowsVista(PPPoE)

Keep the information below on hand.This information was displayed on your browser when you signed-up for our service, or given in the Quick Reference sheet we send by postal mail with the Access Information Sheet.

You will see the following items written in green lettersthroughout this manual.Please enter your own information wherever these items appear.

- Connect Login Name
- Connect Login Password
1. Click "Control Panel" on start menu to display Control Panel.
2. Click "Control Panel Home" on the left of the screen, then click "View network status and task".

Click "Set up a connection or network" on the left of the screen.

4. Click "Connect to the Internet", and then click "Next" button.
5. Click "Broadband(PPPoE)".
6. Enter necessary information as following, and then click "Connect" button.
User name
Add "@spinnet.jp" to the end of your login name
(e.g. If your login name is "12345678@tka.jpn", "12345678@tka.jpn@spinnet.jp" is correct.)
Enter your password.
Connection name
Enter name as you please(e.g. SpinNet).

* If you click to check "Show characters", characters will be visible.


If you click "Cancel" button, you will go back to step.3 window.


When connection has been established and you click "Browse the Internet now", a browser will be started and homepage will be shown.

9. When you cannot establish connetion, click "Set up the connection anyway".
* If you click "Cancel" button, an icon will not be created.
10. Click "Close" button.

Click "Manage network connections".


Double-click a created PPPoE icon (e.g. SpinNet).


Click "Properties".

14. Click "Networking" tab, and make sure that "Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)" check box is checked.
15. Click "Security" tab, and make sure that "Typical(recommended setting)" is checked.
--Connectting operation
1. Double-click on the "SpinNet" icon on the "Network Connections" window.
The "Connect to SpinNet" window will appear.

Check the user name in the "User name" box is correct.

User name
Your login name+@spinnet.jp
(e.g. 12345678@tka.jpn@spinnet.jp)
3. Click on "Connect" button.
The "Connecting SpinNet" window will appear and the connection attempt will start.
When the connection has been established, "SpinNet is now connected" will be displayed.

The settings for connection to the Internet are now complete. Welcome to SpinNet!
Setting Guidefor many kinds of software such as ftp, mail and news, is also available.