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Reconfigure your computer settings
For Windows98

Keep the information below on hand. This information was displayed on your browser when you signed-up for our service, orgiven in the Quick Reference sheet we send by postal mail with the Access Information Sheet.

You will see the following items written in green letters throughout this manual. Please enter your own information wherever these items appear.
- User Login Name
- User Login Password
- Access Point Number

-- Configure Dial-Up Networking.

1. Double-click on the "Make New Connection" icon in your "Dial-Up Networking" folder in "My Computer".
2. The "Make New Connection" dialog will appear.
Type a name for the computer you are dialing:
    Type SpinNet
Select a modem
    Choose the name of the modem you are using.
3. Type the phone number of the access point.

The telephone number is the same for ISDN (Sync. 64Kbps) line.
Click on the "Next" button.
Area code:
    Type the area code of theAccess Point Number
Telephone number:
    Type the phone number of the Access Point Number
Country code:
    Select Japan (81)
4. A dialog will appear which tells you that a new "connection" named "SpinNet" will be created. Click on the "Finish" button.
5. Right-click on the "SpinNet" icon in the "Dial-Up Networking" folder, then click on"Properties".
6. Confirm that the phone number and modem type are correctly set, and then click on the "Server Types" tab.

Uncheck all the checkboxes other than the "TCP/IP", and then click on "TCP/IP Settings" button.

7. TCP/IP Settings
Check "Server assigned IP address".
Check "Server assigned name server addresses"

Check "Use IP header compression".
Check "Use default gateway on remote network".
8. Click on the "OK" button (three times) in order to all close windows.
9. Double-click on the "SpinNet" icon in the "Dial-Up Networking" folder in "My Computer".
10. Confirm the settings as follows.

User name:
    your User Login Name
    your User Login Password

    * User Login Password when typed will be displayed as "*"

Phone number:
    Access Point Number
11. Click the "Connect" button. "Connecting to" dialog will appear and the connection will begin.

The settings for connection to the Internet are now complete. Welcome to SpinNet!
Setting Guide for many kinds of software such as ftp, mail and news, is also available.