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Details of customer charges (All prices shown include tax)
"The following charge are for type2 line (ADSL deticated line). The charges for type1 line is shown here.
Subscription/Start-up fee
  SpinNet Basic SpinNet eADSL service*1 SpinNet Basic
New subscription Free 3,300yen Free
Cost of FLET'S agreement -
880yen *NTT
Connection fee -
2,420yen *NTT
Cost of changing modem - (3,300yen)*2 -
Monthly fee
  SpinNet Basic SpinNet eADSL service*1 SpinNet Basic
SpinNet monthly charge 2,200yen
LitePlan (1M)

Plus ll plan (24M)

50M plan (50M)
Broadband monthly charge - Connection plan
(This is the approximate charge that includes the modem-rental fee and tax)

See NTT-EAST/WEST pages for more details
ADSL modem
rental fee
- 550yen
Line fee - NTT-EAST area:1,523yen
NTT-WEST area:1,598yen
Cost of dial-up connection Limitless calls
*Telephone call charge will be separate
Subtotal 2,200yen LitePlan (1M)
(Including usage fee for NTT)
Plus plan ll (24M)
50M plan (50M)
Monthly fee (optional services)
Cost of rental for wireless LAN card for wireless LAN card option - 748yen*3 -

*NTT :The rate will be charged by NTT.

This sum does not reflect discounts offered by either company's campaign. For further details of discount rates, see NTT-EAST/WEST pages.

*1: SpinNet Basic and ADSL connection of SoftBank (former Y!mobile) in combination.
*2: This rate applies when wireless LAN option is added once the ADSL service has started. If these options are applied when the ADSL service starts there is no additional charge for modem change.
*3 Rental Wireless LAN card is for the modem. LAN card/board for PC no included.
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Details of Service
See Services Information page for each service.

Customer Support Center
Contact our customer support center for all enquiries about SpinNet services. (English customer support is available)
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