SpinNet Mileage Awards
ANA Mileage Club Member only Earn miles by SpinNet SpinNet Mileage Awards : Earn ANA miles by using SpinNet Follow a simple procedure and collect miles! SpinNet ANA

SpinNet Mileage Awards is renewed on August 1 2016 ! FLET'S HIKARI bonus mile is added.

Earn miles with easy registration!
Collecting miles conveniently ANA Mileage Club Course Up to 35 miles per month

You will earn 10 miles monthly by using SpinNet. Besides you will earn 25 bonus miles monthly by using FLET'S HIKARI service. Registration is easy, just register your ANA number(10digits).

Convert into miles
 Using SpinNet monthly > Earn 10 miles
e.g.) Using FLET'S HIKARI through SpinNet for a year. 35 miles a month * 12 months = 420 miles a year Earn miles by doing a simple procedure!

more details of ANA Mileage Club

How To Register

ANA Mileage Club Course

Please register from "ANA Mileage Club Course" registration page.
* It is required that you have ANA number (10digits) of ANA Mileage Club for this registration.

Converting Into Miles

ANA Mileage Club Course

Earn 10 miles monthly by using SpinNet.Besides if you are FLET'S HIKARI user, you will receive another 25 bonus miles(*) monthly, 35 miles monthly in all.

(*) Customers who have registered usage of FLET'S HIKARI service (B FLET'S, FLET'S HIKARI NEXT, FLET'S HIKARI PREMIUM) are subject to this reward.

Register usage of "FLET'S HIKARI" services with SpinNet.

Eligible Member

ANA Mileage Club Course

Customers who subscribe to any SpinNet Service plans and have a membership of ANA Mileage Club.

Starting Time

ANA Mileage Club Course

1 or 2 months later after having registered ANA Mileage Club Course.


Subscribing to ANA Mileage Club Course requires a membership of ANA Mileage Club.

If you cancel SpinNet, miles will not be converted to your ANA Mileage Club account in cancellation month.

If you cancel usage of FLET'S HIKARI service, you will not receive bonus miles of cancellation month.

You can register one ANA Number(10digits) per SpinNet subscription.

If your registered ANA number(10digits) is wrong, miles will not be converted to your ANA Mileage Club account.

FLET'S HIKARI bonus miles will start from August 2016.

Please note that SpinNet Mileage Award will be terminated without notice.

Please click here to see ANA Mileage Club Terms and Conditions.