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How John & Karen make full use of the Internet with his SpinNet Subscription

John and Karen are Tokyo residents enjoying life with their two sons.

John find the Internet indispensable for his business and personal lives. He enjoy the "always-on" connection, especially at home. The ADSL connection allows him to fully enjoy the "broadband lifestyle." Tomorrow, John and his family will go on their annual family trip. This year, they will take a dream vacation in Hawaii. But John didn't have enough time to prepare this year, so they still haven't decided on their sightseeing schedule.
A Full-featured Connection Plan

We support a full range of connections from dial-up to ADSL, and even the ultra-high-speed NTT "B Flet's" and "Flet's Hikari Premium" services.

Global Roaming Service

SpinNet provides access points in 150 countries. You can get internet access and check your email abroad.

John and Karen are currently using eADSL service, which offers a maximum speed of 50Mbps. They especially enjoy the video content - news for John, dramas for Karen, and animations for their two sons.

John brought along his notebook PC and was able to connect to SpinNet from his hotel. He searched for neighborhood sightseeing spots, prepared a schedule for the next day, and became a hero to his family.

Recently, John became interested in entering some contest giveaways on the Internet. But many contest sites require you to enter your email address. John doesn't want to use his regular work email address. Also, he worries about being placed on a spam list. John's family shares one PC at home. They have heard about email viruses and wonders if their email accounts are safe.
Multiple Email Accounts

You can add up to five additional email accounts at no extra charge. Each additional account has a 30MB mailbox, the same size as your primary email account.

Email Virus Check Service & Web Filtering

All our servers are equipped with virus-check software that scans all emails. Moreover Web Filtering Service protects your family from dangers of the Internet.

John created a dedicated email address he uses only when entering contests. This allows him to keep separate business and personal email accounts. What's more, with the spam blocker software, annoying spam emails are diverted away from his regular mailboxes.

Thanks to the virus-check service, the whole family can exchange emails in complete confidence, and he does not worry about child’s Internet use anymore.

John pays only a basic monthly fee for his SpinNet subscription. This gives him full Internet access for business and personal use.

SpinNet eADSL Service 50M Plan

- Global Roaming Service *1

- Email Virus Check Service

- Multiple Email Account

- Spamblocker

- Web Filtering Service

Using Broadband Connection, Global Roaming Service *1, Email Virus Check Service, Multiple Email Accounts and Spamblocker

*1:Free for the first 120 minutes / month. After 120 minutes, there will be an additional fee of 20 yen / 1 minute.

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