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FireFox (Mac)

1.  Lunch FireFox. Click "FireFox" from the menu bar, and then click "Preferences".
2.  Click "Advanced" and then click "Network" tab, and click "Settings" button.
3.  Change the settings as follows, and then click "OK" button.
Manual proxy configuration:
HTTP Proxy:
Use this proxy server for all protocols:
4.  Go back to Option window, and then click "OK" button.
5.  After finished the settings, access to SpinNet site(http://www.spinnet.jp/indexe.html)or other sites, then the authentication window will open. Enter as follows, then click "OK" button.

This anthentication window will open every time you lunch FireFox. You can save time by checking "Use Password Manager to remember this password".
User Name:
Your mail address
Your mail password
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