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PostPet V3 (Macintosh)
Prepare the following pieces of information in advance.
These were displayed on screen when you subscribed. You will also find them on the AccessInformation Sheet sent to you.
In the following description, they are shown in green. Replace with your own details.
Mail password
Mail server (SMTP/POP) Example) ***.***.ne.jp
Mail address Example) csc@***.***.ne.jp
1.  Launch PostPet V3. The “PostPet V3へようこそ!” window will open.
Click on “次へ >”.
2.  “PostPet V3 セットアップ” will open. Enter the necessary information as listed below. Once all the information is entered, click on “次へ >”.
Any setting name
SMTP サーバー:
Your mail server
POP サーバー:
Your mail server
Your mail address
Your mail address
Your name
Your mail password
パスワードを保存する, POP before SMTP:
Check these.
* For names, we recommend using lower-case not capital letters. For the mail address,
always input half-size lower-case characters.
3.  Choose your preferred pet.
Once you have completed the settings, click on “終了” to close the Setting window.
4.  From the “設定” menu on the “PostPet V3操作パネル”, select the “メール基本” icon.
5.  Select the "基本" tab then click "むずかしい設定".
6.  Click “変更” button.
7.  Create the “SMTPポート番号” settings then press the “OK” button. Then, from the “環境設定” screen, press the “OK” button.
This concludes the setting.
Your mail address
Your mail password
Sending mail
■ Changing settings
1.  After composing mail, from the “ファイル” menu, select “メール保存”, then close window for the mail you composed.
2.  If connected to the Internet, from the “ファイル” menu, select “メールチェック”.
3.  Once the Mail Check is completed, go to the next step, remaining connected to the Internet (even if you have no mail to be received).
4.  Click on the “未送信” folder and open the unsent list.
5.  Open the mail you want to send by double clicking on it, and to send it, click on
“ペットにわたす” or “ポストマンにわたす” (If you have no pets, select the postman. Pets that disappear will reappear within about 24 hours).
6.  If you want to send mail in the “未送信” list collectively using the postman, while holding down the “Ctrl” key select multiple mails and click on the “まとめ送り” button.
Failure to send mail
Mail you failed to send is stored in the “未送信” folder. You can simply reuse or edit it for resending. If the connection is still active, double click on the mail you want to send to open and click on “ペットにわたす” or “ポストマンにわたす” so that you can
resend it.
Note that after receiving mail, no mail can be sent once you clear the connection.
In the following cases, receive mails again before sending mails.
  • If no mail has been received
  • After receiving mail, if you clear the connection
  • After receiving mail, about 10 minutes or more is elapsed
The connection will not be automatically cleared after sending mails.
Note that you will need to clear it manually as necessary.
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