September 8, 2017
SoftBank Corp.

AOSSL(Always on SSL) of SpinNet website

Dear SpinNet Customers,

 Thank you very much for using SpinNet.

 SpinNet will implement its website as AOSSL (Always on SSL) website in order to use it more secure.
In accordance with this change, we will terminate Non-SSL WebMail service (MYHOME.mail).

 AOSSL (Always on SSL) is security measure that uses HTTPS (SSL encrypted connection) in a whole website, encrypts all information shared between the website and a user, and prevents sniffing, tampering and spoofing.

 Encrypted connection has been available on SpinNet pages which treat customer's information, AOSSL will make your connection more secure in whole SpinNet website.

The details are as follows.

Details (1) AOSSL of SpinNet website

Current URL :
New URL :
  When you access "", you will be redirected to "" automatically.

(2) Termination of Non-SSL WebMail service

Non-SSL MYHOME.mail will be terminated.
Please use SSL MYHOME.mail instead.

Schedule (1) Starting date of SpinNet website's AOSSL

September 20 2017 (Wed.)

(2) Termination date of Non-SSL WebMail service

September 14 2017 (Thu.)

Notes Old version of OS or browsers might not be able to display HTTPS pages correctly. Please update to the latest one in order for secure access to SpinNet website.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.