November 27, 2008

Restricting Extensive Upload Data in Internet Connectivity Service

Dear Customer,

 Thank you very much for using SpinNet.

 With the spread of broadband communication and continued increase of data traffic, we have endeavored to provide a suitable Internet connectivity service to our customers, but a number of our customers have been uploading extensive data to the internet and occupying the bandwidth causing a decline of speed and quality to other customers.

 To improve this condition, we will restrict customers' upload data which has reached a certain level according to the "Total traffic data restriction"(*1) starting from January 5th, 2009.

 We will also change the SpinNet Service Agreement as a result of carrying out these measures.

We will change the SpinNet Service Agreement as a result of carrying out these measures.

The detail is as follows.

Content Customers uploading more than 15GB(Giga Byte)(*2) of data within 24 hours is in object.
We will inform customers in object beforehand, but if there is no improvement in the way of usage, after suspending the usage, we may terminate the subscription.
Downloading data such as browsing homepages, receiving mail and downloading files are not in subject, therefore customers using the internet in an ordinary way will not be affected.
Starting Date January 5, 2009 (Mon.)
Concerning Customers using "FLET'S HIKARI" service
Changes in SpinNet Service Agreement Add Paragraph (xix) newly to Article 22 (Prohibited Acts).

(xix) Transmitting traffic data exceeding SOFTBANK TELECOM's standard causing a large amount of load to SpinNet Service's facilities or hindrance to the service or management of SpinNet Service.

*1 : Total traffic data restriction
 Measuring each customer's upload data and restricting usage when the upload data exceeds a certain level.

*2 : Measurement of 15GB per 24 hours
- Transmitting more than 2 thousand high quality more photographs (approximately 7M Byte) within 24 hours
- Transmitting more than 4 DVDs (about 4.5GB format) within 24 hours

If you have any questions or comments, please contact our Customer Support Center.