Details of Our All-In-One Service
You can use the ideal all-in-one service at one price.

Receive and send mails wherever you go.

Our fixed service fee includes unlimited access

Webmail (MYHOME.mail,MYHOME.mail lite,MYHOME.mail mobile)

Our Webmail service enables you to send and receive email through an Internet cafe or at a hotel during your travels abroad.
Added functions for enhanced convenience and ease of use.We offer three new types of web mail freely customizablefor different purposes free of charge.

Dialup connection

For a fixed monthly basic fee, you can use a dial-up connection via analog lines and ISDN lines in Japan. The convenient One Number Access Service is available from anywhere in Japan.
*Telephone calls to access points will be charged separately.

Assured Security

Create separate email accounts for
different purposes.

Mail Virus Check Service

All our email accounts include a server-based virus check service as standard.


Spamblocker automatically detects spam at the mail server and diverts it toa spam mailbox.

Create up to six email accounts

You can add up to five additional email accounts while maintaining your basic email account. The size of each mailbox is 30MB - the same as your basic email account.

More convenient and user-friendly email environment

The most convenient solution
when you have to travel unexpectedly

Mail Filtering Service

We now offer mail blocking and whitelist settings as well as conditional mail forwarding. All these features are offered completely free of charge.
You can use these features for all your email addresses - including up to six supplemental addresses.

Forward email to up to two locations

This service forwards all your SpinNet email to your corporate or mobile phone email address. You can forward your mail to up to two email addresses.

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