Welcome to User Home Page Service
Do you want to...
make friends on the Internet?
introduce yourself to the world?
sell something?

Now you can make your own homepage
with User Home Page Service! It's free!

User Home Page Service is an optional service, available only to SpinNet subscribers.
The disk space provided to each customer is 50M bytes, and it is now absolutely free of charge! (from October, 2000) There is no registration fee or cancellation fee, either.
How to subscribe to or cancel User Home Page Service.
Frequently asked questions about User Home Page Service.
Form CGI
With Form CGI, you can collect messages from visitors to your home page.
Making Files
Home pages are written in "HTML" format. There are, however, some HTML editors which convert plain text files to HTML files.
Counter CGI
Learn how to count the number of hits your Home Page is getting.
Upload files
Put your files on the Internet!
You can create an "Web Album" and "Greeting Card" using your web browser.

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