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News Release
November 25, 2002
Dear Customer,

JENS offers broadband connections with international roaming
beginning Monday, December 2,
for both business and personal use

Customers will be able to use broadband connections
with their existing user ID at Narita Airport and overseas

Beginning Monday, December 2, 2002, JENS Corporation will offer broadband connections with its international roaming service for users such as business users and overseas travelers. Available via Ethernet and wireless LAN, the service will be offered through both JENS Dialup IP Service, the company's Internet connection service for business use, and JENS SpinNet, its corresponding service for personal use.

The expansion of wireless LAN services in homes and offices has led to an increased demand for the same convenient access in hotels and public buildings. In response to this need, JENS Corporation is proud to partner with iPass Inc., the company's provider of international roaming services through dialup connections, to extend this service to the iPass network of broadband connections. With this service, customers can use the same user ID they regularly use in Japan to use broadband access overseas and at the Narita New Tokyo International Airport.

In North America and other regions, a growing number of airports and hotels now provide locations where wired or wireless broadband access is available, and the number of such "hot spots" is forecasted to grow in Asia and Europe as well. Using an iPass Connect Dialer, JENS customers can connect to these access points to use Internet services in a high speed broadband environment. The number of broadband access points in each region as of October 31, 2002 is given below.

Region Wired Wireless Total
North America 423 393 816
Other 63 0 63

JENS is committed to providing its valued customers with up-to-the-minute, value-added services that anticipate and satisfy their needs ? especially their demands for a powerful, convenient Internet connection environment.

Further details about this service are provided below.

Internet Connection Service for Business Use
- Service : JENS Dialup IP Service
- Rate : 40yen/minute
* From December 2, 2002 to March 31, 2003, this broadband service will be provided free of charge. (Normal dialup service charges still apply)

Internet Connection Service for Personal Use
- Service : JENS SpinNet
- Rate : 40yen/minute
* From December 2, 2002 to March 31, 2003, the first 120 minutes per month of dialup and broadband connection time will be provided free of charge, and connection time after that will be charged at a special sales campaign price of only 20yen/minute.

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