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July 31, 2002
Schedule for Launch of JENS SpinNet eADSL Service

Dear Customer,

Thank you very much for using JENS SpinNet.

Starting from Tuesday August 13th, 13:00, JENS SpinNet is going to start accepting applications for the new JENS SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL Plus Plan which is capable of speeds up to 12 Mbps downstream is offered by eAccess Ltd "ADSL Plus" service. Only JENS SpinNet user's registration will be acceptable.

eAccess Ltd introduces a new technology to add some new features for the current ADSL connection that concludes a more stable broadband connection service is available for the Internet connection. eAccess recently upgraded their existing service to add new features and greater stability.

Feature of "ADSL Plus" Service
1. Internet connection is capable of up to 12Mbps downstream
2. Maximum distance from NTT central is extended to 7km
3. Standard speed is increased about between 100kbps and 500kbps

* For more details, please visit the web site for eAccess Ltd.
http://www.eaccess.net/jp/press/2002/pr020619.html(Language: Japanese)

The application form will be available to fill out on our home page starting from Tuesday August 13th,13:00. System adjustments will be carried out throughout August and September 2002. Until October 2002. When the ADSL Plus Service begins, the maximum available downstream speed is 8Mbps. When these system adjustments are complete, eAccess will directly contact you for with the details of the conversion from 8Mbps to 12Mbps.

We are planning to launch a promotional campaign called "JENS SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL Plus Plan Sign-up Campaign" to market this ADSL Plus service. Please register to JENS SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL Plus Plan for this opportunity to start experiencing a quality broadband connection.

Brief summary of "JENS SpinNet eADSL Service ADSL Plus Plan" is as follow:
1. Service Fee:
1) Initial Fee:
Registration Fee : 3,000 yen (Including NTT Contract Fee)
NTT Connection Fee : 2,800 yen (Type1)
: 2,000 yen (Type2)

2) Monthly Fee:
Monthly Fee : 3,580 yen
NTT Fee : 173 yen (Type1)
: 1,933 yen (Type2)

Modem Rental Fee : 500yen
* Modem must be rented

Type1: Permits you to talk on the telephone and send or receive data at the same time.
Type2: Requires a new analog telephone line, and is installed exclusively for ADSL(voice service is not possible).

"JENS SpinNet eADSL Service: ADSL Plus Plan Sign-up Campaign"
If you complete the installation of eADSL service before September 25th,2002, the initial fee(3,000 yen) will be waved, and the monthly fee for August and September will be reduced from 3,580 yen to 2,000 yen.
2. Available Service Area
The service is available in areas where eAccess is offering service.
Please go to the following URL after Tuesday August 13th, 13:00 to check whether your telephone number is located within a service area.

3. Registration Date and Launch Date
Starting from Tuesday August 13th, 13:00, the application form for the service will be accepted on our homepage.

Home page for Application:
4. Note
  • Net News is not available with eADSL connection.
  • "POP before SMTP" will be applied when you send email with eADSL connection.
  • Connection speeds are not guaranteed and will depend on many factors such as the length and condition of the telephone wires connecting your house to your NTT central office and general conditions on the Internet at any given time. This eADSL service offers a "best effort" service.
  • There is a chance that your location or communication environment may not be serviceable.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact the Customer Support Center.

JENS SpinNet is expanding our ADSL service to provide the highest quality broadband environment possible. We will continue upgrading our service to meet your needs in the broadband era.

(C)Copyright 2002, JENS Corporation. All rights reserved.
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