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Microsoft Outlook 2003 (Windows)
Prepare the following pieces of information in advance.
These were displayed on screen when you subscribed. You will also find them on the Access Information Sheet sent to you.
In the following description, they are shown in green. Replace with your own details.
Mail password
Mail server (SMTP/POP) Example) ***.***.ne.jp
Mail address Example) csc@***.***.ne.jp
1.  After launching Outlook 2003, from the "Tools" menu, select "E-mail Accounts".
The "E-mail Accounts" window will open. Select "Add a new e-mail account".
Click on the "Next >" button.
2.  The "Server Type" will be displayed. Select "POP3" and click on "Next >".
3.  From "E-mail Accounts", "Internet E-mail Settings (POP3)" will be displayed.
Enter the following information.
Once entry is completed, click on "More Settings".
[User Information]

Your name:
Your name
E-mail address:
Your mail address
[Server Information]

Incoming mail server (POP3):
Your mail server
Outgoing mail server (SMTP):
Your mail server
[Logon information for mail server]

User Name:
Your mail address
Your mail password
* For the User Name, we recommend you use lower-case not capital letters. For the mail address, always input half-size lower-case characters.
4.  The "Internet E-mail Settings" window will open.
Click on the "General" tab and enter the necessary information.
Mail Account:
Any setting name
Other User Information:
Normally blank
* Set this information if you want replies to come to a different e-mail address to the one you usually use.
5.  Click "Outgoing Server" tab and set as follows:
Check "My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication".

Check "Use same settings as my incoming mail server".
6.  Select the "Connection" tab and then the circuit used for connection. Click on "OK".
* If using ADSL, an optical circuit or router, select "Connect using my local area network (LAN)".
7.  Click "Advanced" tab, set as follows. Then click "OK".
Outgoing server(SMTP):
Change to 587
8.  From the "E-mail Accounts" window, click on "Finish". The window will close. Proceed to step 9.
 If you would like to use your e-mail under stronger security, please use encrypted communication. You need to set your e-mail software. Please click here for details.
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