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Becky! Internet Mail Ver.2 (Windows)
Prepare the following pieces of information in advance.
These were displayed on screen when you subscribed. You will also find them on the Access Information Sheet sent to you.
In the following description, they are shown in green. Replace with your own details.
Mail password
Mail server (SMTP/POP) Example) ***.***.ne.jp
Mail address Example) csc@***.***.ne.jp
1.  Launch Becky!. If you are starting it for the first time, the "Choosing Data Folder" window will open. Specify the name of the data folder, and click on "OK".
2.  The "License Agreement" window will open. If you agree with the statement, click "I Agree".
3.  If you are not a registered user, the "Important Notification" window (for SHAREWARE registration) will open. If you intend to try this software, click on "OK".
4.  From "Tools" on the menu bar select "Mailbox Settings", then the "Account" tab. Enter the necessary information as follows:
Mailbox Name:
Any name
Your Name:
User's name
E-mail Address:
Your mail address
Mail Protocol:
POP3 (Mail) Server:
Your mail server
SMTP Server:
Your mail server
User ID:
Your mail address
Your mail password
Leave Messages on Server:
* User Name: Use of half-size letters is recommended rather than full-size characters such as kanji. For the e-mail address, use half-size lower-case characters.
5.  Select the "Connection" tab. Select the connection parameters and click on "OK".
* If you are using ADSL, an optical line or router, select "LAN" for the Connection Method.

* If you select Dial up, specify the dialup parameters according to your environment.
6.  Select the "Misc." tab. Sets the information as follows.
Once the settings are completed, click on "OK".
Port Numbers:
Standard numbers
SMTP Auth:
Check and then enter your e-mail address in User ID box and your e-mail password in Password box.
SSL/TLS Settings:
For both Incoming/Outgoing, use default values. Uncheck all other checkboxes.
POP before SMTP:
IMAP Settings:
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