OS Settings [ Wireless LAN / for Windows ]

STEP1: Network Settings
- Open the network configuration window of your PC.
- (The screen shots below are examples of wireless LAN adapters. Please refer to your manual.)
- Right click on the connection icon you want to use (generally named as "Local Area Network"), and then select "Properties".

* You have to turn off WEP(encryption method), by using the driver software attached to your wireless LAN adapter.
Fig. 1-1

STEP2: When using in an airport
- If you are using the service in an airport, please set (E)SSID [(Extended) Service Set ID] by using your wireless LAN adapter's driver software. (See Fig. 1-2)
- (E)SSID for each access point is displayed in iPassConnect™. In many airports, (E)SSID is "wayport_access"
Fig. 1-2

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